Primary care doctors offering tele-visits

SALISBURY, Md.-Primary care doctors offices in Salisbury are now offering tele-visits to their patients.

A tele-visit essentially allows a patient to get a consultation over video chat.

Doctors are doing this to cut down on the number of ER visits and to encourage people to stay home and self isolate if they’re sick.

It also gives people a way to contact the office if they are not comfortable coming in and possibly coming into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

“Having a tele-visit initially may help determine if you actually need to some in the doctors office or the ER or to an urgent care center,” Dr. Alon Davis, a Salisbury Family Physician, said. “I think it’s essential that we offer tele-visits to all our patients to ensure that we continue with social distancing.”

We are told the tele-visits are conducted through apps like zoom and skype.

Dr. Davis said so far the patients are responding well to the new method.

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