Perdue Chicken Truck Sale held in Eden

EDEN, Md. – Over 30,000 pounds of chicken got handed out to families on Sunday at a Perdue Chicken Truck Sale in Eden to help with a shortage of critical items at most supermarkets.

The event took place at the How Sweet It Is Produce Market & Garden Center in Eden.

Organizers tell us Perdue Farms partnered with the business to help meet the needs of the community.

The owner of How Sweet It Is, Brent Mallone, says more and more people are in need of critical items like chicken and that right now it is tough to put these products back on the shelves quickly.

“We’ve really been doing everything we can to maintain our meat and our seafood and produce and so forth, but the means of distribution just haven’t been keeping up, so it’s really an asset to be able to offer this to the community,” said Mallone.

Mallone says he hopes to continue hosting many more chicken truck sales alongside Perdue in the future.

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