Open For Business: Mercantile Processing and Lord’s Landscaping


MILLVILLE, Del. – With many stores being forced to close, one Delaware company is helping other local small businesses like Lord’s Landscaping adapt by creating online platforms for shopping and pickups.

“They just have to go, ‘Can I just adjust the way I’m doing my business to now keep up with the times,'” says Kyle Morgan, the CEO of Mercantile Processing Inc.

Mercantile Processing is open for business amd continuing to hone in on the needs of local companies like Lord’s Landscaping as they face some uncertainty amidst the coronavirus.

Amy Hughes, the owner of Lord’s Landscaping says she approached Morgan about a week ago saying, “We are going to have to make some adjustments. Is there anyway that you can get this online thing going for us?”

In just a few days, Mercantile Processing was able to create an online storefront for the landscaping company. “She has gone with mobile iPad devices and you can actually ring in your plants outside and they will load your truck up and then you go inside to pay,” says Morgan.

It’s a feature that Hughes says has helped make things safer and easier for customers during a time when she wasn’t sure if they would even be able to stay open. “It’s been very difficult because it’s really putting a lot of pressure on us as the owners but we are okay with that and we are just going to work every day and keep everything running so that we are able to pay all of our employees even if they’re at home.”

So while many local businesses are deciding how to navigate these new restrictions, Mercantile Processing says its services are creating a positive ripple effect in the community. “We are budgeting and we are trying to hone in on some of our costs but realistically and a little selfishly we are trying to keep our customers up and running. If they’re up and running and they are processing payments then we can both make money together and in parallel we are successful,” says Morgan.

Whether it’s a landscaping company, restaurant or even retail store, Mercantile Processing hopes their services help other local businesses whether the storm. Mercantile Processing tells 47 ABC they’re always accepting new clients to help with credit card processing, point of sale and payroll. Morgan says they are offering short term financing right now and it costs anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to get an online store up and running with a new tablet register depending on the amount of inventory.

Morgan says the technology can sometimes intimidate people but that’s a misconception. “If you are functionally able to use an iPad and use online banking, this system is usable. It’s not something that’s just overly complicated or a huge learning curve.”

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Meanwhile, Lord’s Landscaping has created Quarantine Craft Boxes available weekly with lesson plans and experiments for kids to do while they’re not in school.

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