Mayor Day looking to help businesses through Coronavirus pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. – On Tuesday, Salisbury Mayor Jake Day joined a handful of business leaders to talk about how the virus is impacting them.

Mayor Day tells 47 ABC the meeting was called so that he could hear not only how his administration could help businesses through the pandemic, but how citizens can get involved, too.

Mayor Day also took the chance to update businesses on changes that the city was making, including free parking in the city and adjusted hours for different city offices.

He says that working through this pandemic hand in hand with businesses is imperative.

“It’s absolutely critical, obviously number one concern is public health, safety of our citizens, number two is ensuring that whatever economic impact this has is minimized, and that were smart about the process, proactive in the process and we get into that effort today,” Mayor Day said.

Mayor Day is also listening to what Governor Larry Hogan says daily and adjusting anything as need be.

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