Market Street Inn honors hospitality workers during COVID-19 outbreak

SALISBURY, Md. – With the Coronavirus taking it’s toll on the entire country, people are finding all sorts of ways to help each other out.
Starting on Tuesday, one restaurant in Salisbury is doing what they can to help other hospitality workers in the area.

“Every Tuesday will be hospitality relief day at Market Street Inn where we will do 50% off of food for hospitality workers,” Rob Mulford, the owner of Market Street Inn, said.

Bartenders, waitstaff, and restaurant employees are working hard to get all of us through the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, Mulford says he’s happy to help them.

“We got a chance to think about it and go wow, the hospitality group was really hard hit, and we have to acknowledge them as well,” he said.

But the relief doesn’t stop with just 50% off every Tuesday.

“Then we had suppliers supply gift certificates for $15, they bought a bunch of different ones, and those are now worth, since it’s 50% off, a $15 gift certificate is worth $30,” Mulford explained.

And while the deals will certainly help hospitality workers, laid off employees at Market Street are getting a chance to come back to work to help with the special. Employees at the restaurant tell 47 ABC that’s something that’s helping them and others.

“It’s been a long road for a lot of us, especially with no income, so just a little bit of help for everybody is the best thing you can get,” one bartender, Kimberly Meeks, said.

Mulford says big brands like Smirnoff Alcohol also chipped in to help make this relief effort possible. He says while they are doing things nationally to help bartenders and waitstaff, seeing them help locally makes him proud.

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