Local boy fighting rare genetic disorder gets new liver, becomes disease free

EDEN, Md. – In Somerset County, a boy who spent nearly 10 years of his life battling a rare liver disease is finally getting a second chance. Trey Kearns, who had been suffering from Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis, known as PFIC, is finally disease free thanks to a recent liver transplant.

Back in July 47ABC introduced the Eastern Shore to Trey, who wasn’t going to let this disease define him. And now with a brand new liver, he’s on his way to becoming a very healthy and happy 10-year-old. Back on December 5th, Trey and his family got the call that there was a liver transplant available and that’s when they then made their way over to Johns Hopkins for surgery. And by the next day, the surgery was complete and Trey was on his way to recovery. His parents tell 47ABC Trey has been a rock star from day one. And since his surgery, his symptoms and disease are completely gone.

“Lots of his functions are going back, they’re normalized. We’re seeing lots of improvements but now we’re just trying to learn to navigate the transplant life,” said Trey’s mom, Tara Kearns.

“We’re just working on building his stamina and his strength back up so he’s doing physical therapy, he’s started back at baseball he’s been to a few practices and we’re just getting going again,” said Trey’s dad, John Kearns.

As for school, Trey isn’t back just yet. He has to avoid large crowds for a while, and has to be on high alert especially now that it’s peak flu season. But his family hopes to have him back in school by mid to late April.

If you would like to learn more about this disorder you can head to the website that Trey’s mom and other families have created click here 

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