Lawmakers discuss bills to help economy during and after COVID-19

DELAWARE – Lawmakers in Washington are discussing a trillion dollar stimulus package that may give families thousands of dollars over a period of time. But that’s just one bill being proposed to help the economy after some businesses were forced to shutdown during the coronavirus.

This week President Donald Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act into law.

“This $104 billion dollar bill provides support for sick individuals for workers and for families in a wide range of ways support for preparing hospitals, making sure that there’s emergency paid sick leave and unemployment insurance,” says Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat representing Delaware.

Laurel’s Mayor John Shwed tells 47 ABC he supports that bill because it helps people who may not have insurance get tested for COVID-19. “I think it’s great that the state and the federal government are going to provide this opportunity to do free testing for everybody regardless of their financial situation regardless of whether they have a paid healthcare plan or not I think it’s a great thing to do and I support it 100 percent,” says Shwed.

Meanwhile, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are also discussing a trillion dollar stimulus package. “Cash being sent directly to American families. There will probably be several thousand dollars sent over several months to individual adult citizens to help people with paying for mortgages and credit cards and student loans and frankly putting food on the table,” says Coons.

Shwed says if that bill is passed, it will definitely help small towns like Laurel. “Anything that the Congress and President can do to try to alleviate some of that financial stress that’s going to be placed on particularly the workers in our small business right here in our community.”

Officials are also working on a way to make sure Americans can still vote during this pandemic possibly by mail but not everyone is on board with The Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020. “There is mixed support. Some see it as urgent and necessary. Others say well lets get through this and then we will deal with that,” says Coons.

If there’s one thing elected officials seem to agree on it’s that bipartisanship will help us all move forward. “All of the officials regardless of party have pulled together in this crisis into me America is at its best when we are faced with a really tough crisis issue 52 and everyone’s rising to the occasion,” says Shwed.

47 ABC did ask Senator Chris Coons about where the government will get the money for that trillion dollar stimulus package. Although he didn’t exactly answer that question he said he’s concerned about the debt but more concerned about a possible recession if the government doesn’t step in.

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