Funding critical nonprofit services during COVID-19

SALISBURY, Md. – As some people face unemployment due to the coronavirus, the demand for nonprofit programs is increasing. In an effort to keep up with that need, two organizations announced response funds on Tuesday to make sure critical services continue.

“In times like this, there are so many needs that present themselves simultaneously,” says Erica Joseph, the President of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore (CFES).

With businesses closing due to the coronavirus, more people are turning to nonprofits for help. “Folks are already worried about not only where their next meals are coming from but how they are going to keep the lights on,” says Pam Gregory, the President and CEO of the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore (UWLES).

But organizations like the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore and the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore say nonprofits are also taking a hit. “One of the things we are hearing is that resources are very limited because events have been canceled. Donations are down as everyone is sort of looking through what the coming weeks will bring,” says Joseph.

So the two organizations announced COVID-19 Response Funds, to make sure nonprofits across the Eastern Shore can continue to support the community. “We are working to make sure that we can use any funds that are donated through this initiative, turn them back around to these providers, to meet critical needs,” says Gregory.

Whether that’s funding programs to help families put food on the table or a roof over their head organizers say this is just one more opportunity for nonprofits to do what they do best. “Nonprofits through volunteers, through the charitable donations and through the dedicated staff are really able to help leverage resources within the community in a way that other groups just can’t,” says Joseph.

Both the Community Foundation and the United Way are hopeful that more donors will contribute to this relief fund and see this as an opportunity to help those struggling.

Delmarva Power has donated a combined $25,000 to these two response funds. But the programs these organizations support are volunteer based.

You can find information about resources for nonprofits or how to donate your time/money to a local nonprofit below:

Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore COVID-19 Relief

United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore COVID-19 Resources and Response Fund

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