Experts offer advice to keep children busy as MD schools close

SALISBURY, Md. – Now that many are closing for a couple of weeks experts are offering tips on what parents can do to keep their kids busy while they’re off. Experts say the most important thing you can do is keep your child on a schedule. They say it doesn’t mean you have to have something planned every hour- but when it comes to keeping them busy -think of doing things like going to the park, riding a bike, playing in the backyard or doing another physical activity.
They also tell 47 ABC it’s important for parents to focus on education when they can and read or encourage their children to read and study.

“I think what parents need to remember is that kids thrive off of structure and they are used to especially in a school setting knowing exactly what their day looks like from start to finish and what they’re going to do and where they’re going to be,” said Psychologist, Dr. Samantha Scott.

Dr. Scott adds that it’s also important to make sure kids are not glued to the TV or electronics all day as well.


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