Crisfield searches for a new police chief

CRISFIELD, Md. – The City of Crisfield is in the process of hiring a new police chief after former Chief Mike Tabor retired in January, says Mayor Barry Dize.

Mayor Dize says right now the city is looking at 17 applicants.

Officials say they are looking for someone with leadership and who can act as a counselor and a teacher for the community. They also need someone to combat drug-related crime as much as possible.

“Not only do I feel as though you want a police chief that’s going to be there in those times of need, but you also want somebody who is familiar with the community and its residents, so I find that to be extremely important,” said Acting Chief Rick Taylor.

According to Mayor Dize, interviews for the position will start within the next couple of weeks with hopes to have a new chief by May.

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