Open For Business: Bomshell Boutique still open for business

OCEAN CITY, Md.–For small business owners, times are tough right now due to the coronavirus, and the owner of Bomshell Boutique in Ocean City is feeling the impact.

“This is definitely a scary time and I am hoping that the locals do support the local businesses right now,” Gina March, owner of Bomshell Boutique, said.

March said she’s seeing fewer and fewer customers coming into her store.

“A week ago this place was literally just going crazy, the beds were filled, people were shopping and then obviously within the last couple of days it’s definitely taken a toll on the business,” March said.

March said if her store has to close she’s worried for her employees.

“It makes me sad I’m not on that level, but the people that work for me we’re family here and to tell them that they don’t have hours it’s heartbreaking,” March said.

With all the worries, she wants to ensure customers that she is making efforts so they can still come in to tan and shop for accessories, shoes, and clothes.

“We are offering free shipping to our customers, whether they are local or away and we are also doing local deliveries,” March said.

While this transition may not be easy, the support from her staff and customers are helping her get through this tough time.

“I wanna be there for them, I can cheer for them and encourage them. Gina has a lot on her plate she’s a woman of the community,” Carrie Ghine, a Bomshell Boutique employee, said.

“Our customers have already reached out to us and said don’t worry we have your back and I believe them when they say that,” March said.

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