Adapting funeral services amidst coronavirus restrictions

SALISBURY, Md. – Coronavirus restrictions are impacting how almost everything is done including funeral arrangements. However, officials at Holloway Funeral Home tell 47 ABC they’re adapting to make sure families can still honor their loved ones.

“Many families at this time are still having services to honor their loved ones through private services here at the funeral home,” says Jonathan Holloway, funeral director at Holloway Fuenral Home.

COVID-19 is presenting some challenges for families who lose a loved one. “We’ve taken a lot of steps to ensure that safety through disinfection of our facilities, observing recommendations and guidelines set forth by the CDC as well as state officials,” says Holloway.

However, Holloway Funeral Home in Salisbury is still continuing with private services and using technology to make sure arrangements are as uninterrupted as possible. “Luckily we have utilized technology for a long time here at the funeral home through web casting which we’ve had as an option for families for many years video recording of services both here on site and off site which we are doing through our online obituaries.”

Clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Finegan says one tool to cope with a loss right now is by remembering the positive things that person brought to your life. “What are the character traits that that individual had that we most respected and valued and how we can add that to our own behavior so that person stays with us living through us.”

Funeral homes are classified as essential so even though arrangements might look a little different, services will still be available as needed.

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