9th Annual Crawfish Boil and Muskrat Stew Festival

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – “The place is packed and everyone’s dancing,” said Keith Graffius, the event organizer.

“We got a great blues band and everyone is having a good time,” said Graffius.

That good time is all thanks to the 9th Annual Crawfish Boil & Muskrat Stew Fest in Cambridge, which took place on Sunday at the Governors Hall at Sailwinds Park.

Organizers say the event is a chance to celebrate the¬†Eastern Shore’s heritage of muskrat trapping and more.

“This is part of our heritage and everybody should really get a flavor of our lifestyle here and trapping is part of the lifestyle,” said Ralph Bramble, a Dorchester County resident.

People at the event also got to enjoy crawfish all the way from Lousiana, but it is the muskrat many tell us keeps them coming back to this event each and every year.

“They got muskrat tacos, muskrat egg rolls and there’s a traditional way of cooking them the old cast-iron use and sage,” said Graffius.

“We just sort of mix it up a little bit and do some stuff,” said Graffius.

Ralph Bramble tells 47ABC he is a huge fan of muskrat.

He says growing up his family always had a special passion for it.

“I remember as a young child at my grandmother’s house, her cooking muskrat with the heads on, and my aunt used to sit there with a walnut cracker cracking skulls and sucking the brains out,” said Bramble.

But whether or not you love the taste of muskrat organizers say it is an event that has something for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s up for debate whether or not it’s very delicious, but it’s something unique and different that most people don’t eat,” said Graffius.

“So, we have people who come from all around who aren’t from Dorchester just to try to the muskrat and they stay for the music and just have a good time,” said Graffius.

Graffius says a portion of the proceeds collected at the event will go towards the Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund.

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