Update from Wico. State’s Attorney regarding SU racist graffiti investigation

SALISBURY, Md. – The Wicomico State’s Attorney’s Office has released an update regarding a possible suspect in the recent racist graffiti incident at Salisbury University.

On Thursday, the Salisbury University Police Department (SUPD) reported to the office that a possible suspect had been identified in the recent acts of malicious destruction of property and potential hate crime violations. SUPD provided the evidence they had obtained to the State’s Attorney’s Office for its recommendation as to charging. They clarified that police in Maryland are not required to seek approval from the prosecutor’s office before charged, but that they welcome the opportunity to help police at all stages of the investigation.

We are told that at his time, no decision has been made regarding an individual in this particular case. If and when an individual is charged, that information becomes public record in most instances.

“We will not speculate or provide further information about any potential suspect, suspects, or persons of interest until and unless they are charged. We are unable to legally or ethically provide any further information until a person is charged”, the State’s Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

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