The Brightside: Elvis fan is ‘Taking Care of Business’ on Delmarva

SALISBURY, Md. – If Elvis Presley is ‘The King of Rock N’ Roll’, then Jean Pierre Bouvier is ‘The King’ of all things Elvis.

Bouvier said, “I can answer just about most of the questions anybody asks me.”

From jewelry, to records, to bottles of wine, Bouvier has it all.

“Some of the things I have, you’re not going to find anything else like it anywhere,” he said.

Bouvier, who’s from France, has loved Elvis since he was in his 20’s. He’s now in his 70’s.

“I was a fan of Elvis before I even came to this country,” Bouvier said.

Just looking at Bouvier, you can see his everyday life is inspired by The King. He drives like Elvis, sings like Elvis, even dresses like Elvis.

Bouvier said, “Some people say hey you look like Elvis! I says, ‘Yeah? I thought I was looking like Johnny Cash!”

You may be wondering, why the obsession? Was it a life changing encounter with the king? An unforgettable concert?

Bouvier said, “Well I just, I like the music, like his attitude, like the way he lived, like the way he treated people.”

Surprisingly, ‘The King’ of all things Elvis, never saw ‘The King of Rock N’ Roll’ himself in concert.

Bouvier said, “It’s a shame. I’m sorry that I never got the chance to see him.”

It’s because when Elvis was performing, Bouvier was busy running a restaurant turned nightclub in Salisbury called Chez Jean Pierre.

Bouvier said, “I was busy doing whatever I had to do.”

But of course, Bouvier was never too busy to grow his collection.

Bouvier said, “I’ve been collecting since I got here really.”

After Bouvier retired, he put all of his attention into doing what he loves most: growing his self-made Taking Care of Business museum across from his home in Salisbury.

In the museum you’ll find handmade barstools, special flooring and pictures of Bouvier with people who knew Elvis well. But Bouvier does more than just collect items for his museum in his retirement, he also goes to Elvis shows all over the country.

Bouvier said, “I take advantage as much as I can. If I could go 20 times a month that would be good!”

When we asked Bouvier what inspires him to do all of this, he said its all to keep the kings memory alive.

Bouvier said, “I thought if I get all this stuff to keep it for the next generation.”

Bouvier’s wife is also an Elvis fan. In fact, she’s often the one who signs him up for shows around the country.

Bouvier says he also has a granddaughter who he is trying to get to fall in love with Elvis.

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