Sussex Tech releases statement on future of JROTC program

GEORGETOWN, Del. – Officials with the Sussex Technical School District have released a new statement regarding the future of the JROTC program at Sussex Tech High School.

Officials say that last week they were able to resolve key student scheduling issues, which had been a potential obstacle, however they were informed this week that no eligible instructor candidates have expressed interest in teaching in Delaware.

The school’s hands are essentially tied in this situation since JROTC is responsible for finding the candidates themselves. Superintendent Stephen Guthrie says a lot of schools are facing similar challenges because of the strict requirements that instructors have to meet. “There just isn’t enough instructors to go around for all the programs all of the schools that want the program. So everyone is having difficulty finding qualified instructors and it’s not a position that’s easy to fill anyway because of the qualifications attached to it.”

Unfortunately, the district is facing a deadline, for two reasons. The first reason being that if the program closes, staff needs to schedule replacement courses for JROTC cadets for the fall semester. Waiting too long means course requests for that slot may not be able to be accommodated, and current cadets should also be given sufficient time to choose whether or not to return to their home districts.

In addition, the need to begin disposing of U.S. Army equipment and materials used in the program requires prompt action. There are strict procedures when it comes to returning equipment.

As a result, if no eligible instructor candidates can be hired by the March 9th Board of Education meeting, Sussex Tech will have to begin the process of formally closing the JROTC program.

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