SU Racist Vandalism Arrest

SALISBURY, Md.- Investigators have identified a suspect in the Salisbury University racist vandalism case.
This comes just days after more threatening graffiti was found in two university buildings.

We’re told the suspect has no immediate connection to the university, and that the matter has been referred to the County State’s Attorney’s Office for appropriate charges and prosecution.

Salisbury University sent out a press release earlier, but is not saying much about the suspect.
However, students on campus are already speaking out.

“It just still doesn’t alleviate the fact that it happened or I guess make me feel good because the person can come and do this again,” Hillary Agyemang, an SU junior, said.

That’s the reaction from students after police identified the person they believe is responsible for at least the recent racist graffiti found at Salisbury University.

“I believe this does not stop of what has happened and how the students are feeling because it could be multiple suspects,” Daeling Owusu, an SU senior, said.

Police would not release the name of the suspect.

However, we’re told the alleged culprit is not a member of the campus community, but students believe there’s more than one person responsible.

“I believe that it’s multiple suspects, the fact that they found the person that who did it doesn’t mean it’s just one person,” Owusu, said.

University President Dr. Charles Wight was not available for an on camera interview Friday, but in a statement he said “The racist threats on the walls and doors of the university’s academic buildings caused a great deal of fear. We hope this development in the investigation helps to rebuild a sense of security at the school.”

We asked university officials about whether or not the suspect was responsible for the incidents last fall, but they said they could not comment.

We’re told the recent graffiti found has since been removed.

47ABC asked again today about security cameras and whether or not those were used to find the suspect, but the university said they cannot comment.

Once police release the name of the suspect we will be sure to update you.

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