Salisbury celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day

SALISBURY, Md. – Did you do something nice for somebody on Monday? It’s Random Act of Kindness Day, a day all about spreading joy!

People throughout the city of Salisbury celebrated the day on Friday with friends, family members, and even strangers.

Grace Foxwell-Murdock, the Secretary of Kindness for the City of Salisbury, spent her day donating blood to celebrate.

But she says you can do something much simpler to make somebody’s day.

“It can be a smile, it can be buying somebody a cup of coffee, it can be opening a door, any little thing that shows kindness, that’s all we need to do, and we hope that this day turns into everyday,” Foxwell-Murdock said.

Salisbury is actually the first World Kindness City in the United States, so Foxwell-Murdock says it’s the perfect place to continue to spread kindness even after Friday is over.

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