Proposed plastic bag ban in Maryland

MARYLAND – Lawmakers are eyeing a statewide ban on plastic bags as they introduced the “Plastics and Packaging Reduction Act” in both the House and the Senate.

If it passes, stores wouldn’t be able to give customers thin plastic bags like the ones you typically see at grocery stores and restaurants. Lawmakers say many residents are in support of this because it’s not a tax on plastic bags.

“This one doesn’t have a tax associated with it, as of yet. And it only eliminates the very thin bags that serve no real recyclable purpose. The thicker bags that you get at the mall or the Under Armour outlet, those bags will still be there,” says Delegate Carl Anderton, a Republican representing District 38B.

This legislation would also require stores charge at least 10 cents for each durable plastic bag that customers buy. Stores that violate this could face up to a $500 fine. There will be a hearing on this in the House on February 18th and in the Senate on February 20th. If it passes, it would go into effect on July 1, 2021.

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