Pocomoke city manager steps down, community reacts

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – “They have won the battle, but the war has yet to be won,” said Coalition for Justice for Anton Black co-founder, Richard Potter.

Those like Potter, are celebrating the fact that Jeannette Delude has stepped down as the city manager of Pocomoke City.

“I think it’s a good thing given the fact that the position requires public trust, and that was something that she obviously broke,” said Potter.

Those like Potter claim Delude was unfit for the job because she supported Greensboro Police Chief Michael Petyo. The man who was recently found guilty of lying on paperwork to get a questionable officer who was involved in the Anton Black case, hired.

“If somebody has some issues or controversy why do you even waste the cities money interviewing her. I was very surprised about that,” said Pocomoke City resident, Veronica Gillette.

Although Delude couldn’t be reached, previously, she told 47 ABC that she never would have supported him had she known the truth.

“Anybody is going to trust their chief to do the right thing and give them the correct information and that’s exactly what I did,” said Delude.

Despite this, less than two weeks after starting her position, those who attended Monday night’s council meeting learned that Delude stepped down as city manager on January 30th.

“I don’t think Pocomoke City needs that type of controversy going on right now and I’m glad she did because it was getting ready to be another mess around here,” said Gillette.

Although Delude is out, many say that’s only half the battle. Now, they’re focused on getting transparency from the city council and changing the direction of the city moving forward.

“I know for a fact that their policies need to be overhauled greatly,” said Potter.

“It’s not enough people in this town that know what’s going on. You vote, you pay the taxes, you need to know what’s going on,” said Gillette.


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