NASA launch canceled minutes before liftoff


WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. – The weather couldn’t have been better for Sunday’s launch planned at NASA Wallops but something else interfered, forcing scientists to cancel the launch.

The launch was originally set for 5:39 p.m. but that was pushed back to 5:44 p.m. However, less than 3 minutes before “go time” crews announced they were aborting the mission because of a problem with a fuel valve. According to Northrop Grumman’s Twitter there was, “off-nominal data from the ground support equipment.”

Now scientists are looking toward the end of the week for the next opportunity to launch because officials say every single mission helps advance space exploration including our understanding of Mars.

“Mars is even farther. We’re talking a six to eight months journey to get to Mars and when you stay on the surface and then you wait until Mars and Earth get close again, you come back. So that’s like a three-year mission and there’s a lot we still need to understand before we send humans on a mission like that,” says Stephanie Schierholz, a NASA spokesperson.

There’s about 75-hundred pounds of research, crew supplies and hardware aboard the spacecraft.

According to NASA, liftoff is now scheduled for 4:06 p.m. on Thursday, February 13. 47 ABC will be sure to keep you updated as the new launch date gets closer. You can also click here for the latest from NASA.

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