MD lawmakers debate family and medical leave bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Lawmakers are debating a bill aimed at making it easier for employees who have to take off from work to care for a new child or sick family member. Under the family and medical leave bill, workers would be able to receive paid leave for up to 12 weeks. Sponsors of the bill say employees could also qualify for paid leave due to their own serious health condition. And while many legislators are in support of the bill, others say it would do more harm than good for business owners.

“I am open-minded. I’ll listen to the hearing, but on top of minimum wage increase, having the paid sick leave bill come two years ago, we have these mandates that are coming fast and furious I’m not sure that this is the right year and honestly the right policy to move forward,” said Delegate Chris Adams (R-District 37B).

Lawmakers add that the leave would be funded through a state-administered insurance pool where both employers and employees would contribute.


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