Dover city manager proposing water and sewer rate increase

DOVER, Del. – For the first time in ten years, Dover’s city manager is proposing an increase to water and sewer rates in order to fund infrastructure projects. This comes after an outside consultant recommended certain increases.

The change would be phased in over four years with an average increase of $25 per year. We’re told the largest change would be in the first year with residents seeing about a $53 increase. Officials say the city has experienced too many water main breaks this winter and this increase is needed in order to fix those problems.

“We are doing some re-lining projects where the real line remains. On the water side we are just trying to replace the main center bad. We’ve had a total of seventeen water main breaks this year and the average is usually ten,” says Donna Mitchell, the city manager for Dover.

This proposal includes a tiered rate for water which means the more water you use, the higher the rate. However, they’re trying to accommodate larger commercial customers by offsetting that increase with a decrease in electric rates.

Officials will present this increase to the City Council in May for a vote. If passed, it will go into effect on July 1st.

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