The Brightside: Jewelry for a Cause

SUSSEX Co., Del. – Since Heidi Lowe, the owner of Heidi Lowe Gallery in Lewes was just 13, she’s spent all her time making jewelry.

Lowe said, “You know [it’s] just something to do and I love it.”

Creativity is in Heidi’s blood.

Lowe said, “My mom is an artist. She was the art teacher for a while at Cape and then my brother is an architect and my sister is a painter. My dad, when he was alive, he built houses and he could draw plans.”

When Heidi was growing up, it was crystal clear she too would become an artist one day.

Lowe said, “There was no getting around it.”

But unlike her family, Heidi traded pencils and paintbrushes for saws, hammers, and torches.

Making jewelry isn’t easy, but for Heidi, it’s a labor of love. That’s because some of her jewelry is made for more than just accessorizing…rather, it’s made for charity.

Lowe said, “Last year we gave $8,500 out, which I couldn’t believe.”

Heidi makes different jewelry pieces to support various initiatives and non-profits.

Lowe explained, “They just kind of represent the organization.”

Heidi has created: A crooked spine bracelet for the National Scoliosis Foundation, a bone bracelet for the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation, a surfer necklace for the Surfgimp Foundation, the list goes on.

Lowe said, “The organizations, just what they do is important.”

Every time a piece of this specially-made jewelry sells, $50 goes to the cause or non-profit the jewelry was made for.

Lowe said, “That just seems to make more of a difference than 20 percent or 10 percent.”

Heidi calls this initiative ‘Jewelry for a Cause,’ and she says the public has been very receptive to the idea.

Lowe said, “It’s just great because the community is so supportive and generous and they keep coming back.”

Just speaking with Heidi, you can tell how passionate she is about helping those who are helping others. It’s that passion that drives her to keep working and keep creating so she can help out causes she cares about.

Lowe said, “I mean I try and only do organizations that I can feel connected to.”

If you want to buy one of the charitable pieces created by Heidi, you can visit and click on the Jewelry for a Cause tab. You can also visit her Facebook page by clicking here or her Instagram page by clicking here.

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