Super Bowl parties spreading Germs

SALISBURY, md. — It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday and you may be thinking about hosting or even attending a Super Bowl party, so when you’re reaching into the chip bowl or tossing around the football, be mindful of the germs you may be spreading.

It’s a time for football and celebration,  and while your mind may be on who’s going to win the big game, professionals say you should also be thinking about germs too.

“We have a lot of infections that are going around not just the flu and we need to just be very cautious these things are spread when people are put into confined spaces like schools, like watching the Superbowl party and things like that,” says Dr. Walter Gianelle, from Your Doc’s In.

While many may not think about this at parties, people 47 ABC spoke with say they are mindful of the germs.

“I’m very particular about germs, concerned about germs,  concerned about people double dipping, people sneezing, sneezing grabbing cups so i’m cautious of that,” says Robyn Tucker, Salisbury Resident.

“Other than washing your hands just kind, just enjoy yourself. Whatever you use just throw it away,” says Salisbury Resident, Marlon Jones.

Health experts say that if you’re the one cooking, there are extra steps you can take to avoid spreading germs.

“I would definitely get all the counters and areas clean especially if I’m going to be cooking something like chicken or something like that where Salmonella can be on the surface,” explained Dr. Gianelle.

It’s important to remember that while these parties are a good time with food and friends, Super Bowl Sunday happens only once a year, your health matters 24/7.

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