Salisbury PFLAG wanting to push for gender neutral restrooms

SALISBURY, Md.- Salisbury PFLAG is pushing to get single occupant gender neutral restrooms in the city. This is something that is already happening in cities like Baltimore.

Their request calls for the city to pass an ordinance that would require businesses to provide those restrooms with signs.

A number of cities in the United States are moving towards gender inclusive bathroom ordinances and Salisbury PFLAG wants the city to jump on board with this.

The signs would be put up on bathrooms where there is just one toilet and that bathroom would become non-gendered.

Salisbury PFLAG said that having gender inclusive bathrooms could make a community more inclusive and embrace everyone.

Some businesses we spoke with already are doing this and told 47 ABC they’ve seen a positive.

“They are much more inclusive to the LGBTQ population, in particularly transgender individuals as well as non binary and other gender nonconforming people, it also helps families with young children who may need to go in with more than one person,” Nicole Hollywood, a board member of PFLAG, said.

Salisbury PFLAG told us that there is a proposal being developed at the state level, but the chapter is not involved with that.

PFLAG told us they’ve already spoken to the mayor and that he would be in favor of something like this.

Baltimore put a similar bill into effect this past summer, and more recently a similar bill took effect in Illinois on Jan. 1.

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