Remembering Officer Spencer Wiersberg

SALISBURY, Md. – “He’s going to be riding with us,” said Lieutenant Tim Robinson at the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

“When we’re out there on patrol he’s going to be riding with us, watching over us,” said Robinson.

Hearts were heavy on Saturday, as the community mourned the loss of Fruitland Police Officer Spencer Wiersberg who lost a ten-month battle with an aggressive form of bone cancer.

“We’ve lost a young hero,” said Jeff Merritt, a friend.

People say Spencer was a young hero, who never once fought his battle alone.

For the past months, people from across the shore, gave Spencer and his family an outpouring of support through multiple fundraisers and social media posts, which ultimately inspired an entire community.

“He made an impact to our community in the short time that he was with us,” said Merritt.

Whether he was playing out on the field, watching over his family or tirelessly serving his community, he never lost sight of what mattered most to him.

“He was a goal-driven kid and you’re talking about a kid who was determined to finish college early,” said Robinson.

“He finished college a whole semester early, so he can get out there and get on with his life,” said Robinson.

That hard work and dedication never went unnoticed.

“In his short career, he really made a name for himself out there in the law enforcement community,” said Robinson.

“His hard work and his dedication is shown by the number of arrests he was making and the good cases he was making and we’re going to make sure that continues in his name,” said Robinson.

Although Spencer’s battle is over, officers tell us they will forever carry his fighting spirit with them and continue the legacy he left behind.

“We want to do what we do for Spencer,” said Robinson.

Officers say they want to remind everyone that no one fights alone and that if you are ever in need of help all you have to do is reach out and know that there is someone who cares.

Police officers from across the bay bridge also came out on Saturday morning to pay tribute to Spencer and to show support to his family.

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