Police search for clues, man found dead after fleeing

TALBOT CO., Md. – Investigators are searching for clues in Talbot County about why a man reportedly ran from police down a rural road on New Year’s Eve. But perhaps the more puzzling part is figuring out how he died.

“So they’re retracing where he was, what he was doing, in an attempt to understand this. But right now there are a lot of questions as to why he did what he did,” says Greg Shipley, the spokesman for Maryland State Police.

Investigators have no way of knowing exactly what was going through Glen Foster’s mind on Wednesday morning around 2:30, when police say the 36-year-old refused to pull over as they tried to stop him for speeding. “The trooper was attempting to catch up to that vehicle but could see it in the distance and saw what he thought was someone running from that vehicle when it stopped,” says Shipley.

Backup was called in but the wooded area, time of day and winter temperatures made it even more challenging to find Foster. “This search continued with as many as twenty people there in the area searching the land, searching the water, from the air, from boats and on foot,” says Shipley.

For a moment, crews thought they had a lead. “They didn’t hear anything initially but at some point did hear someone calling for help from the direction of the water,” says Shipley.

But almost five hours later, officials found the 36-year-old dead 30 to 50 yards off shore in a body of water near Bushy Heath Road. With little to go off of, investigators are focusing on the hours leading up to Foster’s death. “They believe he was at a commercial establishment during New Year’s Eve and up until the early hours and had been taken home,” says Shipley.

Ultimately, officials say this story would’ve likely have a different outcome if Foster followed the law. “When he activated his emergency equipment that vehicle quickly accelerated away that driver quickly accelerated away. He certainly could’ve pulled to the side of the road and stopped,” says Shipley.

Maryland State Police tell 47 ABC the victim’s family is cooperating with officials as they continue with this investigation. Right now, police don’t know if drugs or alcohol were a factor in Foster’s death. His body was sent to the medical examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy but they’re not sure when those results will be available.

Police also would not comment on Foster’s criminal history which online records show date back more than a decade. Maryland State Police add that the trooper who tried to pull Foster over has completed reports and talked with investigators but he’s “certainly under no suspicion or concern at this point”.

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