Police: Don’t abbreviate 2020 on legal documents


SALISBURY, Md. – With the new year here, officials are warning consumers about a problem with forging documents.

Their main tip is to stop abbreviating the year. Most people will write “1-3-20” as an abbreviation for January 3, 2020. However, police say scammers can easily change that date. It can be made into a different year by adding two more digits to the end. For example, making it say 2015 instead of the year 2020 is simple by adding “15” to the end of “20”. Salisbury Police say there are a few easy ways to avoid getting caught in a fraud situation like this.

“To really be safe you want to write out the date 2020. And that holds true with really anything that you are doing with a bank card, a credit card or anything like at a restaurant or somewhere else that you’re adding a tip. Put that tip in there but draw a line in front of those numbers on both sides so that no one can add anything to that,” says Captain Rich Kaiser with the Salisbury Police Department.

Officials say it’s also easy to stay on top of any fraudulent activity by consistently monitoring your accounts. If you see anything suspicious, alert your bank immediately and reach out to your local police department.

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