New Salisbury University quarterly town hall meetings

SALISBURY, Md.- Salisbury University is taking new measures to have better communication with their faculty and students.

Tuesday evening they kicked off a new initiative calling for quarterly town hall meetings.

The idea came about during an impromptu meeting in November surrounding racial vandalism, where students and faculty encouraged the school to communicate more effectively.

University President Charles Wight said he hopes by having these town hall meetings, it will give students more opportunities to meet face to face with administrators.

“A better sense of community, I think that’s the main thing we can hope for is that everybody is informed about the important issues of the day and are on the same page about where the university is going with respect to those issues,” President Charles Wight, of Salisbury University, said.

We are told that each meeting will have a different focus depending on the topics, but important issues such as diversity and inclusion initiatives, and sustainability efforts are just some of the many that will be spoken on.

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