Locals protest in Ocean City amid recent events in the Middle East

WEST OCEAN CITY, Md. – The controversy with how the Trump administration is handling events in the Middle East caused people to protest in Worcester County on Thursday.

A couple dozen residents stood on the side of the highway from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Some were waving Trump flags while others held up signs that said “No War With Iran” as cars drove by honking in support of both.  It was just one of almost 200 “No War With Iran” protests across the nation on Thursday.

“The President is provoking war with putting sanctions on Iran and making all of these threats about committing war crimes,” says Toby Perkins with Indivisible Worcester. “I mean how can you support him if you are really for peace?”

“He doesn’t want war. We don’t want war. I don’t think anyone wants war. But you have to take a proactive approach and do something about it or they are going to do something about it. And I think Trump is standing from a position of strength not weakness,” says Mark Odachowski, a Worcester County resident.

Both sides say they don’t want the United States involved in another war and they’re both thankful they have the right to express their opinions so publicly.

Indivisible Worcester says they plan to hold other demonstrations throughout the year to express viewpoints on current events. President Donald Trump recently said that we have a great military and equipment. However, “that does not mean we have to use it.”

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