Fire company hosts fundraiser for a new fire hall

MILLVILLE, Del. – People from across Delmarva came together on Saturday with one goal in mind: to support the Millville Fire Company and their push for a much needed new fire hall.

“Bunk rooms,” said Gregory Hocker, president at the Millville Volunteer Fire Company.

“We need to upgrade our engine base, we need more office space, more storage space and so on,” said Hocker.

Firefighters here say the population in Sussex County is constantly growing, so they are in desperate need of a new upgrade.

“Right now our facilities just can’t handle the volume of calls that we’re having and also the amount of manpower that we need,” said Hocker.

Fire officials tell 47 ABC they are also running out of space.

“We have a dive unit now, water rescue unit now,” said Hocker, “I mean, we’re constantly growing and we got to grow ourselves.”

To help, on Saturday, the community hosted their second annual Outdoorsman Marketplace, which raises thousands of dollars for the fire company.

“This is a great way to raise money, and it brings the whole community out, gives them something to do,” said Rich King, the event organizer.

“Vendors are making money, fire hall is making money,” said King.

But, firefighters say, there are a lot of challenges in getting a new fire hall.

“When you’re looking at a fire house, you’ve also got to keep into consideration that equipment needs to be replaced, ambulances need to be replaced,” said Hocker.

“There’s a lot more expenditure cost than just the building,” said Hocker.

Firefighters say they are still deciding if whether or not they want to expand the existing building, or build a new fire hall.

“So, it’s going to take years to fulfill this need,” said Hocker.

Despite these challenges, locals here say they will continue to support the fire company in any way they can so their responders can get the help they need.

King says their goal this year is to help raise at least 1,200 dollars to help support the fire company.

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