Faith Lutheran Church celebrating a milestone

SALISBURY, Md.- Faith Lutheran Church in Salisbury will be celebrating a milestone this weekend.

The church will be celebrating their 7th year of being a LGBTQIA+ inclusive congregation.

Faith Lutheran Church became a Reconciling in Christ Congregation, which essentially means they made a public commitment to welcome the LGBTQIA+ community, back in 2013.

The church said they did this because they wanted to make sure all of their members had an inclusive and safe place to gather.

“It’s important that churches come out and say, actually act in ways that are welcoming and inclusive,” James Yamakawa, counsel member, said.
“If you need a safe place of worship, and you can’t step into another church, we understand.”

The RIC worship and celebration will be held at the church at 1416 Old Ocean City Rd. in Salisbury this Sunday.

There will be special service plans and food after the service.

The celebration will start at 11 a.m.

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