DNREC monitoring another malfunction of Lewes wastewater treatment plant

LEWES, Del. – DNREC says they were called to the Lewes wastewater treatment plant on Thursday for yet another malfunction.

We’re told that the facility was again forced to bypass stages of its treatment and discharge partially-treated effluent into the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal late Wednesday evening. The bypass lasted two hours while Tidewater Utilities operators worked to find a solution. By 11:45 p.m., the bypass was ended and normal treatment of effluent at the plant was resumed.

On Thursday, DNREC monitored the plant’s operations, and Tidewater Utilities’ continued their efforts to mitigate recent system malfunctions at the plant.

The Lewes Wastewater Treatment Plant suffered a system malfunction from December 18-19, and new membranes were installed on December 28 which allowed full treatment to resume. However, Tidewater says that pressure build-up behind the new membranes required a bypass to avoid compromising their use. New operational protocols have been instituted to minimize pressure build-up moving forward, with no further bypass events expected.

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