Discussions about Mardela school renovation continue

WICOMICO CO., Md. – The discussion about the proposed renovations at Mardela’s Middle and High School continue.

According to state documents, Maryland officials decided to defer the project because of financial constraints. The Wicomico County Board of Education says the state can still change their minds this year. However, the county says that probably won’t happen. Officials tell 47 ABC the Board of Ed hasn’t told them enough about the money they need for the project and why.

“We need county funding to do different design requirements. When we have that county funding then the state will look at the project,” says Paul Butler with Wicomico County Public Schools.

“They’re asking for $75 million. I need to know that the state is going to be on board before I spend 2-million, 3-million, 5-million, whatever for planning purposes that the state is going to be on board with that for the full amount that they’re supposed to do,” says Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver.

Officials agree that Mardela Middle and High schools need to be updated so they’ll continue to try and work to make that happen.

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