Denton barricade situation ends peacefully after 9 hours

DENTON, Md. – After 9 hours a barricade situation was able to be resolved peacefully in Denton, Md. after law enforcement convinced an armed man to surrender.

According to Lt. Donald Baker from the Caroline County Sheriff’s office the situation started around 9 Wednesday morning when 37-year-old Bronson Guzman got into an argument with a county public works employee who was doing road work nearby.

“They were slowing traffic down they had a confrontation with a gentleman who appeared to be speeding towards them and had words with them,” Baker said.

According to police that situation quickly escalated after Guzman allegedly went home to grab a weapon returning to the site to argue more.

“He brandished what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun and made threats to harm him,” Baker said.

That’s when the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office got involved tracking down Guzman. However, when they tried to make contact with him, Guzman allegedly barricaded himself inside his home. That caused police to lock down the area and tell the surrounding neighbors to stay inside.

Thankfully after 9 tense hours, a peaceful resolution was reached with Guzman allegedly walking out his home and turning himself in.

“This was a very good day for law enforcement, as a result, no one was hurt to include the individual we were trying to take into custody as well as law enforcement, so it was a great day,” Baker said.

Guzman was taken into custody law enforcement was able to find what they needed in the home to charge him with 1st and 2nd assault along with reckless endangerment.


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