Carper, Harris speak on impeachment trial

DOVER, Del. – Tuesday morning will be a busy day on Capitol Hill, as Republicans and Democrats will begin to debate on how the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump will go.

Ahead of tomorrow’s arguments, local lawmakers are reacting to the historic trial. Senator Tom Carper says if the process works how it should, it will be fair to all parties involved.

Carper adds that Tuesday’s arguments will largely focus on whether additional witnesses should be called, which is something he says should happen.

“My hope is that 4 republican senators will join 47 democrats , not to convict, just to say well this jury needs to hear from everybody that has relevant information,” Carper said.

Senator Carper adds that the allegations against President Trump are severe and should be taken seriously.

But Senator Carper isn’t the only local lawmaker reacting to the impeachment trial. 47 ABC spoke with Congressman Andy Harris, who says the impeachment trial is unprecedented in more ways than one.

Congressman Harris says, he believes, the entire situation is a partisan attack on the president. Harris tells 47 ABC that lawmakers should be focusing on other issues, and that this entire trial is a waste of time.

“I hope they don’t take too long in the Senate because we have to turn our attention to the things Americans are really concerned about, like keeping our economy going, the cost of healthcare, securing our borders, and making sure we continue to fight terrorism, and this was all a distraction, it was completely unnecessary, and we should just move on as quickly as possible,” Harris said.

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