UPDATE: Gumboro house fire ruled accidental

GUMBORO, Del. – Fire officials say a Delmar home was heavily damaged on Thursday morning after a fire started inside a chimney.

Firefighters with the Gumboro Volunteer Fire Company arrived on scene at around 9 a.m., at a house in the 18000 block of Little Lane near the Maryland state line. Mutual fire aid companies from Delaware and Maryland assisted including Delmar, Selbyville, Willards, Pittsville and Parsonsburg.

But neighbors say it was too late. Smoke filled the air and the damage was already done. There wasn’t anything left for firefighters to save. According to investigators, the fire started inside the chimney of a wood stove. Officials at the scene say the tin roof, on the century-old home, helped trap a lot of the heat inside. It took almost two hours to put the fire out with crews tackling it from all sides, drenching the walls. But around noon, smoke was still coming from inside and hot ashes were reigniting. While no human lives were lost, one of the homeowners says their pets did not make it out in time.

No one was injured in the blaze. Further investigation has revealed that the fire originated inside the chimney for a wood stove, and was caused by the ignition of combustibles within the chimney.

Fire damage has been estimated at $100,000. The American Red Cross is providing emergency assistance to the two adults that have been displaced by this fire.

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