Shoppers head to stores for last-minute Christmas gifts

SALISBURY, Md. – Procrastinators unite! Hundreds of people hit their local stores trying to get that last-minute Christmas gift for their loved ones. And the clock was ticking. It was down to the wire for Christmas shoppers in Salisbury as they raced to get the rest of those present on their list.

“I came here to get some last-minute Christmas gifts for my friends,” said Gwynn Holloway.

“I’m trying to get a last-minute gift for my sister-in-law’s baby, my little niece,” said Katie Clatterbuck.

“I’m trying to get a last-minute gift for my goddaughter,” said Helen Branch.

From toys to TVs,  gaming systems and more, shoppers were crossing their fingers hoping the gift they needed was still in stock

“We got the Spanish version of one of the gifts. It was supposed to be not the Spanish version, so I’m trying to look for the actual one I’m supposed to get,” said Clatterbuck.

“It’s one particular toy, I’m hoping it’s still here. She wanted a little V-tech toy. I saw it yesterday. It was a little bit crazy in here yesterday so I decided to return today to pick it up,” said Branch.

Store employees working this Christmas Eve tell 47 ABC they see last-minute shoppers every year. With customers making a mad dash trying to get the latest and greatest for that special someone.

“Sometimes I think people like the rush to be honest. I think I like the rush too. I’m a last-minute shopper. Those LOL dolls, oh my God that’s a big seller this year. ” said Target employee, Marquisha Morton.

But what really held shoppers up this year?

“I like to think that I’m done early but then there’s always someone to shop for last-minute and Target is my go-to,” said Holloway.

“I always think I can get it done early, and I don’t,” said Clatterbuck.

But despite getting these last-minute gifts, shoppers say the stress is all worth it, when they see their loved ones smile opening up their presents on Christmas Day.



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