Operation Teddy Bear brings holiday fun for people with disabilities

SALISBURY, Md. – While many of us were sleeping this morning, a local group of volunteers teamed up to make the holidays extra special for those with disabilities.

The annual event called Operation Teddy Bear took place at Salisbury’s Holly Center.
Volunteers from different schools like Parkside got together with Perdue Farms to make this special event a reality.
People living at the center, face mental and physical disabilities.
Organizers say many of these residents look forward to riding big Perdue trucks as a way to kick off the holiday season. They say events like this one make the holidays worthwhile.
“It makes it special for our community, it makes it special for our drivers,” said George Coffin at Perdue Transportation Communication Relations.
“Our drivers love, they love it, and they clamor to get a volunteer to do this and it has a big impact on them,” said Coffin.
Organizers hope more people will volunteer for this holiday event in the coming years as a way to give back to the community.
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