North Georgetown Elementary School Kick-off Event

GEORGETOWN, Del.- On Friday, students at North Georgetown Elementary School got their hands on some free books and it was all thanks to the My Very Own Library Program.

Friday’s book fair was the first of three that will be held at the school throughout the year .

Organizers said it’s heartwarming to see the excited looks on childrens’ faces as they pick up their books.

“It just jolts my emotions to see how happy they are an how enthusiastic they are because children love to read and children love to learn,” John Moore, Director of Philanthropy and Engagement for United Way of Delaware, said.

The My Very Own Library program, sponsored by the United Way of Delaware, allows students in need to get their hands on up to ten free books over the course of three book fairs.

We’re told this program allows kids to build their very own library’s at home.

“Some of the children here have gotten to take home over 50 books that they’re able to take home and create their own library right in their own rooms at home,” Moore said.

One of the many positive aspects about the program is that they give out both Spanish and English books, but perhaps, the best part about all of this is this program is getting kids to fall in love with the act of reading.

Currently, the United Way is working with 14 different schools in Delaware.

They said they are always looking for more donations to help them buy books for the program.

Overall, they have given out over 60,000 books throughout the state to children who normally would not be able to afford them.

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