Neighbors speak on deadly shooting in Harrington

HARRINGTON, Del.- A deadly shooting investigation is underway after one man is dead. Delaware State Police Department is doing everything they can to find whoever is responsible for the shooting that happened Wednesday night around 6:30.

The unexpected shooting left the Harrington community uneasy, and some said it makes them want to leave the community.

Police said shortly after the 37- year-old victim left his Diamond Court home, he was shot. He was quickly taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Some neighbors said they heard and saw some of what happened that night.

“I heard a pop like sound and I saw a guy walking away, but thought nothing of it sometimes a car can run over trash and it sounds like that,” Carlton Holly, a neighbor, said. “When I got outside I saw a bunch of cops and ambulance so I knew somebody had gotten hurt, but I feel it’s real sad for it to been that way.”

All neighbors can do now is be more watchful about what is going on and hope that nothing like this happens again.

“We all need to give our respect to each other and where we live, next time it could be somebody like their own self,” Holly said.

Police have not revealed the identity of the victim at this time, and they do not have any suspect information.

If anyone has any information about the incident, you can contact Delaware State Police at 302-365-8441 or visit their website at

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