Local woman works to spread awareness about Post-Sepsis Syndrome

HARBESON, Del. – In Delaware, a 29-year-old woman named Alycia Kradas is working to spread awareness about a debilitating disease she has called Post-Sepsis Syndrome.

Kradas said, “I’m trying to make a positive out of this negative.”

When Kradas was 27, she developed Sepsis after catching an infection.

“They admitted me to the hospital on November 2nd. I was there for five days until November 7th. I was still getting tests done throughout the whole visit. In the end, they did diagnose it as Sepsis,” she said.

Sepsis is an extremely deadly disease, and it’s more common than you might think.

Dr. Chris Snyder at Peninsula Regional Medical Center said, “We admit probably four or five sepsis cases a day here.”

Sepsis is essentially your body’s toxic reaction to an infection.

Dr. Snyder said, “It basically has to do with the inflammatory process that occurs in the organs that those toxins run through, through your blood stream.”

Unfortunately, The Sepsis Alliance says up to 50 percent of Sepsis survivors will develop something called Post-Sepsis Syndrome.

Kradas said, “The dice rolled again and I was part of the 50% of survivors that now has Post-Sepsis Syndrome.”

Many of the symptoms associated with PSS are mental.

Dr. Snyder said, “It basically causes a lot of symptoms of foginess and deep depression.”

For Kradas the symptoms are physical as well.

Kradas said, “For me it feels like my body is lead, where I can’t really lift my arms and legs at times.”

It took Kradas a while to get a diagnosis as there is very little research on the condition. Eventually she ended up having to move back in with her parents in Harbeson due to her symptoms.

Kradas said, “You know I’m not able to do normal things I mean I’m only 29 years old and I’ve been plucked from society.”

That’s why Kradas is now working hard on social media to spread awareness about the disease in order to help others around the area get a diagnosis.

Kradas said, “I am not alone.”

If you want to get in touch with Alycia her twitter handle is @SepsisW.

You can also reach her at her email: sepsiswarrior@gmail.com

PRMC has information posted on their website about Sepsis. You can access some of that information by clicking here.

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