Homeless shelter organization in need of volunteers to keep sites open

GEORGETOWN, Del. – “Without the volunteers, we will have to close sites,” said Code Purple Sussex County Board Member, Susan Kent.

Code Purple officials are hoping this winter season you’ll answer the call to help keep their homeless shelter sites across Sussex County open.

“We need about 68 volunteers each night to make all the nine sites operate,” said Kent.

Members tell 47 ABC that while we’ve yet to see the worst of the winter weather, they’re trying to recruit volunteers now so they won’t be in danger of closing their shelters later when they’re needed most.

“We haven’t had to do that, but we do need to make sure that everyone is safe and have the proper amount of volunteers available at each site,” said Kent.

From in-take coordinators to drivers, cooks and more, Code Purple has a job for almost anybody willing to help. But they say they’re biggest recruitment struggle is the critical overnight shift.

“A lot of people have a perception of fear with our homeless neighbors and they’re really just like you are I the only difference is that they don’t have shelter.  We would never leave you alone. We have lots of seasoned volunteers that are there to help and guide you and shadow with you and make sure that everyone is safe both of volunteer and the guests,” said Kent.

The organization says they’re also putting the call out now for donations to steadily supply them throughout the season.

“It is critically important that we receive the support of the community. That’s how we run. So getting those donations and the support is how we are able to stay open every night,” said Kent.

They add that as long as they get the volunteers and the support they need, they’ll be able to have another successful season.

“We do need people to answer that call, we do need people to recognize that they too can be part of the solution, we need them to step in, volunteer, spend the night,” said Kent.

If you’re interested in volunteering for Code Purple, click here.


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