Future of Ocean City Fire Department set with new strategic plan

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Over the next five years, the Ocean City Fire Department will be following this comprehensive strategic plan as a guide to ensure the department continues to prosper.

“You have to have a roadmap and this is a roadmap for success for us,” said Fire Chief Richard Bowers.

“You can’t cut corners in public safety or saving lives,” said Lieutenant David Peterson.

Fire Chief Richard Bowers tells 47 ABC one of the challenges the department is seeing is an increase in the number of people living in the area, which in turn means the number of service calls they get is just as high. But this time around, these challenges are being directly addressed in the plan.

“It’s not more of a resort town now, it’s a year-round resort,” said Lt. Peterson.

“Whatever we can do to help prevent the 9-1-1 call which will keep our residents and visitors safe, but also our firefighters and paramedics safe,” said Chief Bowers.

The 25-page blueprint also includes ways to help sustain funding for the department. Requests they plan to bring before the town’s council as they prepare their upcoming budget.

“Some of the things in here are going to be funding and we are going to have to work through the budget process as it relates to weaving those things into the budget,” said Chief Bowers.

And although he’s only been in his new position as chief for the department for about six months, Bowers says he’s confident in his abilities to lead his team and make the Ocean City Fire Department even better than before.

“When I got here, it was very obvious we needed to do a couple of things right away. Beyond that, you have to have a short term, midterm, and long-range plan, and that’s what our strategic plan here in this document, provides,” said Chief Bowers.

Chief Bowers also tells 47 ABC that come January of next year, the department will begin identifying their goals and objectives. Once those are identified, the implementation process will begin.

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