Former Milford High School athlete in kidney failure, in need of donor

MILFORD, Del. – “I’m a big believer in God, so I just know if I pray and stay positive, that things will all work out for the best,” said Eric Bennett.

Up until 3 weeks ago, Eric Bennett was just your typical 19-year-old. He just graduated from high school, working full time to provide for his family, and living the life he’s known for years. And then he got the news:

“They said your kidneys aren’t functioning and so we’re going to start you on dialysis.”

With his kidneys failing, Bennett learned that he would need to make lifelong changes.

“You have to watch what you eat, you can only eat certain foods. You can’t really be active like I used to.”

The former Milford High School athlete says doctors told him he had to stop working, and that once his daughter hit a certain weight he wouldn’t be able to pick her up.

“It’s a big change. I have to wake up right away and take my time because I get real dizzy. So I take prescription medicine three times a day.”

Despite this challenging road that lies ahead, Bennett says he has an entire community that’s supporting him and his family every step of the way. Even going as far as to create a GoFundMe page to help with costs.

“When you finally do get a transplant, the cost of having a kidney, the insurance doesn’t cover all of it, so having that GoFundMe and extra support really helps a lot.”

And in light of this struggle, it’s inspired Bennett to give back.

“It’s made me want to go back to school eventually and actually be a dialysis nurse because seeing everybody in this situation and I feel for them now and I know what they go through and I want to be able to help them the same with those doctors and nurses help me.”

So far, the GoFundMe page has raised more than $1,300 for Bennett. Bennett also tells 47 he will now be on the transplant list and was told by doctors he could get a new kidney within 2 to 5 years


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