Eastern shore farmers react to recommendations to implement phosphorus management tool

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – In what may be a potential financial blow to farmers but a potential win for envi0ronmentalists, a Maryland committee has recommended continued use of a monitoring tool. The Phosphorus Management Tool Advisory Committee met Friday in Annapolis and suggested using the PMT tool as scheduled. A one-year delay was being considered by the committee so an economic study could take place, but that did not come to fruition. The tool will measure phosphorus levels on 187,000 acres across 1,600 farms on the Eastern Shore. 47 ABC spoke with one local farmer who says regardless of the decision, farmer’s must work the land any way they can.

“The farmers, for the most part, were hoping for the best, and probably anticipated the worst in this, and they realize that whatever comes down they have to live with it. There’s no unemployment for us. Either we make money, or we don’t,” said Worcester County farmer, Virgil Shockley.

The committee’s recommendation now heads to the desk of Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary Joseph Bartenfelder who will have the final say on whether or not the implementation is delayed.


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