Day After Christmas Shopping

SALISBURY, Md.- Stores were flooded with people with after Christmas shopping.

It is common for shoppers to go hunt for deals after the holidays.

Many will go back to return gifts that they got for Christmas or they will stock up on items that they know they will need next year around the holidays.

For many, it has become a tradition that they do with their friends and family.

“We try to get all of the good deals and everything from all the stores,”  Cheyenne Stinchcomb, shopper, said.

“I stock up you know, 50 percent off you cant beat it,” Rachel Britton, shopper, said. “Every year, me and my friend come, she’s inside buying stuff, save so much money.”

Shoppers said they were able to find deals up to 50 percent off Thursday.

Target is just one of the many stores that shoppers visited, they told us other stores like Walmart were just as busy.

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