45-year-old nurse commissioned into U.S. Navy


SALISBURY, Md. – One man made his lifelong goal a reality on Saturday in Salisbury, and now he says he can’t wait to serve his country.

“Incredibly excited, I was nervous this morning but incredibly honored to be the oldest rookie,” Christopher Dipasqua, a nurse at PRMC, said.

The oldest rookie, and now officially a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the United States Navy, Dipasqua is a few years older than the normal age cutoff for this position.

“Getting an age waiver, when the cut off is 39 and I’m 45, serving my country as an officer is just a life goal, just an absolute unbelievable honor to wear this uniform,” Dipasqua said.

His age is something that he never let get in his way, and it’s something that other Navy officers disregarded after seeing Dipasqua’s oath to service.

“He’s really dedicated to what he does, and we can tell by the way he has gone through the process to look for what the needs were and what his requirements are,” Retired U.S. Navy Command Master Chief Bernard Quibilan said.

But Dipasqua’s journey started right at PRMC where he’s worked as a registered nurse, caring for patients, for over a decade. It’s a hospital that, Dipasqua says, is near and dear to his heart.

“PRMC is my home, it is the only institution whom I’ve ever worked for,” he said.

That’s why, Dipasqua says, it was the perfect place for his commissioning ceremony to take place. But perhaps the most special part of the ceremony was being alongside his family.

“My wife, I couldn’t do this without her, there’s no way that this would’ve happened if I didn’t have her unwavering support,” Dipasqua said.

And one special member of his family, his daughter, who Dipasqua now shares one thing in common with: a position in the United States Navy.

“My daughter is a petty officer third class united states navy sea cadet, she is a high school sophomore,” he explained.

With his new uniform on and new title in place, Dispasqua says he couldn’t be more proud.

“Now at 45 being a lieutenant junior grade in the united states navy is just unheard of in my mind and perhaps to others, I’m beyond proud,” he said.

Dipasqua tells 47 ABC he’ll soon go to different trainings and officer schools in Baltimore and Rhode Island, and then he will be deployed.

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