The Wicomico Yacht Club is hosting the 32nd annual Christmas Boat Parade on the Wicomico River

SALISBURY, Md. — The Wicomico Yacht Club’s 32nd Annual Christmas Boat Parade is taking over the Wicomico River.

This morning, 47 ABC’s Erica Murphy was joined by Scott McCurdy of the North Bay Marina, and Ryan McClenahan of Landmark Insurance. They were both here to tell viewers all about the holiday extravaganza.

For 31 years, the Christmas Boat Parade has captivated the local community with bright, colorful lights, Christmas cheer, and more to get the holiday spirit pumping in the city. And this year it won’t be any different.

This Saturday, November 30th, 2019, up to 30 boats, decorated with Christmas themes, will trek the Wicomico River down to the Wicomico Creek where the Wicomico Yacht Club is.

The event will start at the Port of Salisbury about 5:30 PM. They say the best view is from the restaurant and bar that sits on the river. It has an elevated view of the river to see the parade when the boats come by the club.

The event is free for all. It is asked that those who do attend to please bring a toy because this event benefits Toys for Tots.

You don’t want to miss this holiday spectacle, Santa Claus is even expected to make a cameo.






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